The Last Chinese Chef

Author: Nicole Mones
Posted: Friday, August 29, 2008

The Last Chinese Chef is the tale of a widow who learns of her husband’s infidelity after his death. This affair occurred while he was in China. Coincidentally, the widow is sent to China on assignment – to write an article about an up-and-coming Chinese-American chef. Of course, there are sparks between her and the chef, and she delves into her husband’s past during her visit.

The book reads almost like a TV movie, but I have to say her description of Chinese food and its history is wonderful. The author definitely knows her stuff (I learned after finishing the book that she is a long-time food writer for Gourmet magazine). I’m not much of a world traveler, due to a lifelong health condition, so I love to escape in books about other countries. This book offers intriguing insight into Chinese culture, despite the rather predictable plotline.
Reviewed by Sophie Watson of Washingtonville.

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Tags: The last Chinese chef,book review

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