2008 Health Care Heroes

Local people who are making a difference in the Hudson Valley

Posted: Monday, December 01, 2008
Hudson Valley Life salutes our 2008 Health Care Heroes. We asked our readers to nominate professionals from the healthcare field who go above and beyond the ordinary call of duty. It is our pleasure to present these people and their special stories to you. Learn why local patients consider these doctors “Health Care Heroes”.


Richard Huntoon, DC
Advanced Alternative Medicine Center, Newburgh

“I educate the best way I can. I spend ½ hour to 1½ hours with patients. My door is always open to anyone who has health questions. If misunderstanding is what’s standing between you and better health, I can help.”
Rick Huntoon, DC

Dr. Richard Huntoon has taken the initiative to provide an affordable solution of his own in an attempt to contribute to society so that employers and employees will come to appreciate their own potential to make a difference in the world. Dr. Huntoon’s Wellness Program is offered to local companies whose minimum wage employees can have access to advance alternative healthcare.
Nominated by Maryann Magyar


Northern Dutchess Hospital, Rhinebeck
Innovative safety training program

“Our focus is on quality, safety and clinical excellence. It’s part of our commitment to the community. [Lifewings] is largely about communication among team members. Staff members are empowered to speak up to ensure patient safety.” Denise George, CEO & President

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence, Northern Dutchess Hospital recently initiated an innovative new program, called “Lifewings,” which is designed to streamline communication, optimize teamwork, and – most importantly – enhance patient safety. During the training process, physicians and staff were given the skills to communicate more effectively and coordinate their duties. The doctors and front-line staff also worked together to develop standardized patient report forms for documenting and sharing patient information, further reducing the margin for error. These proprietary tools are specific to Northern Dutchess Hospital. They are created by and for the entire team, with everyone involved and committed every step of the way.


Evan Goldfischer, MD
Hudson Valley Urology, Poughkeepsie

“The biggest rewards are treating someone so their pain is completely gone and restoring their quality of life. Or treating men with erectile dysfunction that affects their relationships, and restoring that to them.”
Evan Goldfischer, MD

Dr. Goldfischer has proven to be a very conscientious and knowledgeable doctor in the area of men’s health. He has been treating me for ten months and I feel very comfortable in his care. His medical expertise coupled with his very personable manner makes him the perfect choice for patients who have lost faith in their healthcare providers.
Nominated by Joseph H., Pawling

Edward Klein, DO
Horizon Medical, Slate Hill

“In family practice every day is a challenge. You have to be on your toes and be prepared for anything. The hours are long, you bring paperwork home, your pager could go off, but in the office is where you meet the biggest responsibilities.”
Ed Klein, DO

I first saw Dr. Klein when I was assigned to him by my Healthy NY Plus Affinity coverage. The Slate Hill office is far from my Rock Tavern home so my plan was to see him (I needed immediate care), then find someone closer to my home. I was so impressed that I chose to stay with him despite the drive.
Dr. Klein readily and rapidly answered my questions and researched further all the fine details. He is not too proud to send me to other professionals when necessary, and always shares articles and research papers with me to ensure I have a thorough understanding of any and all matters I bring to him. I am currently on disability but hope to go back to work at some point; with his continued excellent care I believe this will be possible.
Nominated by Sarah M., Rock Tavern

Jack McNulty, ND, PC

“Praise from a patient is the highest praise you can get. Many often have life-threatening condition, but I’m able to help them go on to live another 20 years or even 50. But, sometimes you don’t win. The hardest thing is to tell a family it’s something you can’t fix.”
Jack McNulty, MD

Dr. McNulty removed a lemon-sized tumor from the right frontal lobe of my brain in September 2007. Having to deal with the fear of it being cancerous, and doing major surgery on a part of the body that is not supposed to see the light of day, Dr. McNulty reassured me that everything will be alright. He understands that having a brain tumor can be a stressful, scary diagnosis, so he gave me his cell number so that if we had any questions we could call him right away. Dr. McNulty is not only the best neurosurgeon in the Hudson Valley, but he kept our hopes up and never let us believe that it was going to be the end of the world.
Nominated by Bryan Rinaldi, Beacon
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