For just a few bucks you can catch great live music

John Street Jam in Saugerties serves up hot music for a cool price

Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2009
The John Street Jam rocks the Dutch Arms Chapel in Saugerties at 7:30pm on the second and fifth Saturday of each month.

On the day of a Jam, co-founder Terri Massardo can be found in the kitchen while husband Steve is setting up the chapel. “We don’t pay the musicians to play, so I want to treat them like royalty by preparing a good meal served with a good glass of wine,” says Terri. “I’d like to see this go on forever. There’s so much music in the area.”

“As Terri says, ‘We’re going to ride this wave as long as we can,’” agrees Steve.

With more than a decade left at their “real” jobs, thoughts of retirement aren’t in the forefront. “But wouldn’t it be awesome if we were still doing it then,” says Steve. “We’re going to do it until we run out of musicians or audiences.”

Which doesn’t seem likely. And the Massardos don’t expect the format to change. The early Jams drew from the Woodstock-Kingston-Saugerties musical pool. Today, each Jam typically features a performer from Manhattan, and the Massardos regularly receive inquiries and audition tapes from Connecticut and even Boston.

Along with the intimate setting, another key to the Jam’s success is its diversity. This sets the stage for an appreciation of new experiences. “Someone might attend expecting to hear great blues, but turns out being mesmerized by a performance on Spanish guitar,” says Steve. “The audience doesn’t care where we take them. They trust us, and they’re along for the ride.”

For just $5, audience members can hear top-notch musicians from across the country, with all proceeds going to the church. For more information visit 845-943-6720 or visit
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