Boost your home’s value for under $1,000

Posted: Monday, January 25, 2010

If you’re like most, your home is your biggest investment and you want to get the most money possible when you sell it. Getting top dollar for your house means it needs to look its best when you put it on the market. It's got to be clean and in good repair both inside and out for good “curb appeal.” 


Your home needs to be the spiffiest one on the block, but you don't want to break the bank going for the gold. According to Sid Davis, a real estate expert and author of the book Home Makeovers That Sell: Quick and Easy Ways to Get the Highest Possible Price, some simple, inexpensive tricks can help you get your home in shape as you begin to look at it through a prospective buyer’s eyes.


·        De-clutter should be first on your list. “Decluttering is the number one biggest thing that you can do,” says Liz Paulo, a real estate specialist with Houlihan Lawrence in Dutchess County. “And it doesn’t cost a thing.”


·        Getting rid of excess knick-knacks and furniture will make a home look more spacious and livable. It could be just removing an extra end table here and there to make a room seem less cramped. “De-cluttering goes for closets, too,” Paulo said. “If people think you’ve outgrown the house, they may think they’ll outgrow it, also.”  

·        Consider having your home professionally cleaned. Along with de-cluttering, this can give your home a new look. In Davis’s book, he cites one homeowner who did this and was so impressed by the improvement that she decided to stay put and not sell.


·        Redo your kitchen. If your home is dated and needs upgrading, start with the kitchen.

·        Brenda Thum of Elite Kitchens in Pine Bush said new hardware and accessories can improve a kitchen’s appearance while keeping costs low. 


·        “A new faucet, new handles, tiling the backsplash” are all good ways to update a kitchen before selling. Another inexpensive improvement—paint. “You can use paint creatively,” Thum said, whether it’s the walls or the cabinets. Consider changing the room’s molding if it will update the look. “Try to take a good look around as though you were buying the house,” she said.


·        Davis advises replacing the countertops with what similar homes have in your area. For example, don’t go granite if others have laminate. You won’t get the cost back. The same is true for the flooring, appliances and fixtures.


·        Go with tile. Tiling counters can be a fun, low-cost and creative do-it-yourself project. If you’re new to laying tile, many home centers have tiling classes and rent the tools needed. Do-it-yourself kitchen, bath and entryway tile floors can create great looking results and add much more than the cost to your home’s value. By shopping around you can get some great deals on discontinued tile, sales and overstocks.


·        Make simple bathroom fixes. Upgrading the bathroom also doesn't have to be costly, says Davis, who stresses concentrating on new lights, mirrors and paint to give a boring bathroom new life.


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