Boost your home on a budget

Posted: Thursday, January 28, 2010

Follow these tips to boost your home’s value for less.


·        Paint is where it’s at. Indeed, paint is one of the best low-cost ways to dress up your home and add to its value. Check out model homes and decorator magazines for popular color schemes. Avoid bright and off-beat colors – these can actually lower a home’s value.


·        Don’t forget the outside. Curb appeal is also critical. De-clutter and make the yard attractive. Green and trimmed lawns, attractive flower gardens and fences in good repair add value. Paint or stain wood fences and sheds.


·        Once again, “you don’t need to spend a lot” to improve the outside appearance, Paulo said. “If your mailbox looks beaten-up, buy a new one. They’re around $20.” Put a flower pot on the front steps to create a welcoming feeling, and pull up any weeds growing through your driveway.


·        “Remember, the front walk is the first and last thing buyers see,” Paulo notes.

·        It’s hard to be objective about your own house, she added. Consider taking digital snapshots of different areas of your home, if that helps you to view your house more as a potential buyer would. 


·        Make a good first impression. “Once your house is sparkly clean and uprgaded, you need to ‘stage’ it,” says Davis. Staging a home means putting some things in storage, reorganizing what’s left, and decorating to make it inviting. It’s kind of like designing your home to appeal to buyers. “You should even consider burning scented candles to make it smell like home sweet home,” he adds.


·        “For less than $1,000 you can oftentimes move your house to the next level and increase its value significantly,” says Davis. “Some improvements will take virtually no money and simply require investing a bit of time and some old-fashioned elbow grease.”


·        Additional advice about getting the highest price for your house when you’re ready to sell can be found in Home Makeovers That Sell.


Save more money on your home here.


Courtesy of State Point Media.

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