Insider secrets: What the pros won't tell you.

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2010

Many high-end antique dealers shop these markets for merchandise. Here are some tips the pros don’t want you to know.


The early bird gets the great stuff.

By the time the general public arrives, much of the prime loot has either been carted away already or now sits in another dealer’s booth. Show up before the sun does and you’ll be shopping with the pros, who can be seen swarming around the latest vanload of goodies.


Bring a flashlight.

See above.


A folding bicycle can give you a big advantage.

Markets are spread out over large areas. A bike gives you the opportunity to scan for the great find and strike quickly.


Don’t disparage the merch.

Remember, A, these are vintage pieces, and B, it’s likely the seller knows the defects and has taken them into consideration.


Be reasonable.

Making offers less of less than 75-80 percent of the price quoted can be seen as insulting. The majority of vendors anticipate that you will bargain, but keep it reasonable. If the price is a steal to begin with, fork over the full amount with a smile. Bargaining can be fun, but being fair has its moments, too.

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