The Paths of Manitoga

Posted: Thursday, July 01, 2010

Manitoga is remarkable not only for its architecture and interior design; it’s one of the few landmarks of environmentally sensitive design. For 35 years, Wright meticulously created and maintained a living work of art. Wright built over four miles of trails for guests to experience the beauty of the woodland landscape. This includes many “rooms” and other landscapes that he highlighted or orchestrated.

“The protective land which surrounds our weekend places need not be an unloved, unenjoyable tangle,” said Wright in an essay for House and Garden magazine in 1971. “It can be much more than a wall separating you from your neighbors. With small effort, it can become a wonderland for your children or a revitalizing stroll for your guests.”

Osio is a Native American word with a rough translation meaning “a view framed by natural vegetation.”

Boulders Osio: Wright thinned trees so that sunset would filter through the branches, dramatically lighting an eighteen-foot high mass of boulders.

Moss Room: By selectively removing other plants and adding more moss, Wright created an area completely carpeted with moss along the quarry’s edge.

Lost Pond: A small pond fed by an underground spring, this idyllic setting is about two miles along the main path. Wright trimmed branches to allow glimpses across the river to West Point.

White Pine: Wright contoured this offshoot off of the Main Path around the shape of a white pine that fell in 1973.

Chestnut Oak Ridge Osio: Close to the end of the Main Path is a spectacular view of the Hudson River where Henry Hudson supposedly docked The Half Moon.

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