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From Streamline U

Posted: Thursday, September 2, 2010

From Streamline U:

Organizing Myths


Myth: One solution fits all. Fact: Your personality, work style, and environment are unique to you, thus your organizing solutions will be unique to you.

Myth: You can "get organized" in one day (just like those shows on TV!) Fact: Organization is a process, not a state we achieve in an afternoon. Think about it as 'being organized" or "staying organized," not "getting organized."

Reasons to seek organization


You know the basics: Save time, save money, save sanity…but what about this: better health? From a doctor's recent newsletter: "The link between junk food and health is well known. But what about the junk in your house? Clutter produces 'stuck' energy, and if you live in a messy, cluttered environment, it can eventually manifest in your mind and body."


Organizing Tips


If there is a room that is not working, try to see it with fresh eyes. Questions to ask: If I could change one thing, what would it be? What happens in this room: Can the room handle the appropriate storage, furniture, and lighting that your vision for it dictates?


If you take it out, put it back. Things left lying out and about just encourages more things to be left out. Establish homes for items; if at all possible, label that home, or create a room/closet/office "map" eliminating the "I don't know where to put it" excuse.


Keep only supplies you need each day on your desktop. Weekly supplies can be within arms reach. Items needed monthly go beyond arms reach. If you find you need something in more than one place (scissors, pens, tape) put those items in all locations.


Make sure your file cabinet is easy to use, accessible from your desk chair, and that there's at least four inches of space in the drawer so using files is not a push/pull chore.


Filing basics: File to the front. Create an index of all your files. Group files by larger category. When you name a file, ask yourself "how will I look for this in the future?' Choose a name that will still make sense down the road. Use a market or felt tip pen to name files so the labels are clear from a distance. Color coding can be great—if you are ready to maintain it.


For home or office, over-the-door hanging shoe organizers, with the clear pockets, are superb for many an organizing task.

Put an end to all your clutter here.

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