Scientist Toby Rossman to speak at the Science Cafe

Posted: Friday, October 01, 2010

Toby Rossman will be the keynote speaker at the October 27 meeting of the Science Café, a monthly meeting held at Diana’s Restaurant, 1015 Little Britain Rd. (Rte. 207), in New Windsor. An early bird dinner is offered at 6 pm and the discussion begins at 7pm. Rossman’s topic is “How Evolution Happens: Lessons from Molecular Biology,” a subject that should resonate with the “Creationist vs. Evolution” debate, except Rossman emphasizes that there is no debate: “We can prove how our understanding of molecular biology and various genomes show what happened in evolution,” she said. “There is no question! We can see the history of evolution in our DNA.”

Rossman founded the local Science Café more than three years ago. Laymen as well as scientists are invited to meet and participate in lectures. Topics have included parasites, diabetes, energy efficiency, ecological damage to the Hudson River, mental illness, gender differences in science and math abilities and nuclear power. Anyone interested in speaking or suggesting a subject may contact Rossman through the Science Café website. The November meeting, “Mapping the Floor of the Hudson River Estuary” will be held on November 17.

Science Café was started in Leeds, England, when a scientist walked into a bar in England and asked the owner if there was a night during the week when business was slow and offered to host lectures to increase traffic on a quiet night.

Learn more about Toby Rossman!

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