Deer & Car Season: A Bad Combination

How Drivers Can Prevent a Costly Accident with a Deer

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002
Each year, car collisions with deer account for more than 200 human and 1.4 million deer fatalities. It's no wonder that October through December is the highest season for the accidents, since it's a time for both wandering deer and holiday travelers.

Most collisions with a deer occur during this time of year when deer are mating and migrating.

"Drivers need to be particularly cautious with the season's shortened daylight and deer foraging near roadsides – it's a very dangerous combination," says Ray Palermo, Director of Public Education for Teachers' Insurance Plan, an auto insurance program. "To compound it, more drivers are on the road at dawn and dusk, the very time of day when deer are most active."

An adult deer can weigh more than 200 pounds and a car striking one can not only result in the death of the deer, but incur thousands of dollars in damage and may cause the car to veer off the road into even more danger for the driver. Palermo suggested a few basic cautions for drivers:
  • Be particularly careful at dawn and dusk and when driving either over a hill or around a curve, where visibility is limited. Use your high beams to give you a greater area of visibility.
  • Slow down when approaching a deer standing near the side of a road and be prepared. If startled, it can bolt onto the roadway and into your path. If necessary, honk your horn and flash your lights to try to scare the deer.
  • Be alert for more deer than you may see at that moment. Where there's one deer, there are often more nearby.
  • “Deer Crossing” signs are there because it has been determined that this is an area where they congregate and migrate. Take the signs seriously and, obviously, be particularly cautious in wooded and agricultural areas.
Teachers' Insurance Plan has a free brochure, "Avoiding a Collision with a Deer," which can be obtained through their website or by calling 1-800-2TEACHERS.

Teachers' Insurance Plan, a direct-to-the-consumer auto insurance plan, regularly provides news and information regarding driver safety, transportation and education issues. They issue safety tips, reports, analyses, conducts original research and sponsors national surveys as a public service.

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