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Posted: Tuesday, February 01, 2005
VIA Rail Canada invites couples to discover the instant nostalgia of train travel and rediscover each other. Reviving the grand romanticism of overnight rail journeys, VIA Rail Canada's "Romance by Rail" service is a perfect treat for couples looking for a cozy, multi-destination getaway for two. Be it Valentine's Day or any day, travelers will enjoy the special VIA Rail "Romance by Rail" touches like fresh flowers and sparkling wine as the picturesque prairies and regal snow-capped mountains roll past.

Available on the Canadian, VIA's flagship service between Toronto, Jasper and Vancouver, "Romance by Rail" includes accommodations for two in a private suite made up of two adjoining bedrooms. The spacious suite features a queen-sized bed with lush down duvet covers, his and hers washrooms, complimentary in-room sparkling wine and fresh-cut flowers, access to the lounges and 360-degree dome of the Skyline and Park cars. Upon request, a concierge will even serve you breakfast in bed. All "Romance by Rail" land cruises will include at least one night on board the train, with the cost of all meals on board included in the ticket price.

"Romance by Rail" is a couples-only upgrade to VIA Rail's premier Silver & Blue Class aboard its flagship Canadian service. A signature feature of the Canadian's Silver & Blue Class are the panoramic Domes: charming, elevated viewing areas from which passengers can watch Western Canada's unparalleled scenery roll past from their comfortable seats. At the tail end of the train is the Park Car, a streamlined car with two distinct lounges. Its Bullet Lounge is the place to relax over tea, coffee or a magazine. The Mural Lounge ? named after its collection of Canadian art ? features table seating and a bar, making it ideal for a refreshing cocktail and friendly conversation with fellow passengers.

And then there's the Skyline Car, which has recently been redesigned and converted into an activity center. A convenient place for Silver & Blue Class passengers to gather, the Skyline Car also features an on-board Activity Coordinator who organizes games and entertainment. The car also features a book exchange shelf, and board games and videos are also available upon request.

Elegant but unpretentious, polished yet casual, the Dining Cars provide Silver & Blue Class passengers with an ambiance that, combined with the spectacular views from the wide windows, create a special mood whether diners are enjoying breakfast, lunch, or any of three dinner sittings. Meals, which are included in the price of tickets, consist of old reliables like bacon and eggs for breakfast, and hearty favorites such as salads, soups, wraps and sandwiches for lunch. Delicious regional cuisine is the fare for dinner, with menu items including Almond Crusted Salmon with a Leek and Lemon Cream Sauce. To complement meals perfectly, a selection of award-winning, all-Canadian VQA wines are also available for purchase. After dinner, passengers can choose from irresistible desserts and, upon leaving the Dining Car, retreat to a seat in one of the Domes for coffee under the stars.

For tour programs that highlight VIA Rail's "Romance by Rail" service, please visit the package section of VIA Rail's website at, and select "The Canadian" from the drop-down menu in the "VIA Rail Trains Featured" section. Each vacation package resulting from the search will include a direct link to the tour operator who offers it. When contacting your selected tour operator, ask about "Romance by Rail" suite options on their tours.

For more information on VIA Rail's other services, offers and products, please call 888-842-7245 (888-VIA RAIL) or

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