Reduce greenhouse gases with Hudson Valley Clean Energy

Author: Susannah Bradley
Posted: Saturday, March 01, 2008

At Hudson Valley Clean Energy, we take pride in providing excellent, professional service and reliable products. We work one on one with our clients to design and install the best systems to meet their renewable energy needs, whether it is for commercial, municipal, non-profit or residential projects.

Hudson Valley Clean Energy Inc. is the largest, state-certified photovoltaic installer in New York, and we currently work with sites in Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia, Greene, Putnam and northern Orange Counties. In addition to designing and installing solar panels for electricity, we also install solar thermal systems for hot water, solar heat systems for supplemental home heating, and geothermal for heating and cooling, eliminating the need for oil. All of these systems use clean, renewable energy instead of environment-polluting conventional power.

There are many environmental benefits from installing renewable energy systems besides being clean and efficient. Our renewable energy systems decrease greenhouse and acid rain gas emissions by reducing the amount of oil, coal and natural gas that is burned by electric utilities, thus contributing to improved air quality.

Greenhouse gas emissions are the number one cause of global warming, which is causing both the polar ice caps to melt at an alarming rate. This creates the potential to cause numerous catastrophic events around the globe. Our renewable energy systems help lower your carbon footprint which reduces your impact on our earth and eases the impact on your wallet too. Call today for more information and to set up a free site visit and estimate.

Hudson Valley Clean Energy, 13 Hook Rd., Rhinebeck. 845-876-3767.

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