Our Purpose
We are a New York-based company that published its first issue of Hudson Valley PARENT in 1994, which is still the Mid-Hudson Valley's only monthly parenting publication. Then in 1999 we introduced Hudson Valley Life.


Our mission is to serve parents and those in the active adult market by providing reliable local information of interest to our readers. The magazines are free and available at more than 1,200 sites in Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, and Sullivan counties.


Our Readership
We publish 35,000 magazines each month with a readership of more than 70,000 people. Our readers for the parenting publications are primarily middle- and-upper-income mothers whose children range in age from infants to 14 years. We cover issues of health, finance, travel, and more for active Baby Boomers in Hudson Valley Life.


Our Writers
We actively seek submissions from freelance writers. Many are based in the Mid-Hudson Valley, though some are national writers who submit articles from all over the country. We typically run two to three feature articles in each publication every month (700-1,200 words) on a variety of topics. We look for carefully researched features by writers with well-developed interviewing styles and a clear knowledge of our audience. First-person accounts are preferred, as our research has shown that our readers want to read about other people and their experiences. Clear, concise prose is expected.


Articles are due at least four months prior to publication. For example, a story slated to run in our November issue would need to be in our offices by the first week of June. Specific dates vary from month to month, but if you are assigned a story our editor will let you know your deadline and word count when the assignment is explained. We prefer that you submit your article via e-mail. We accept Windows-based Word documents as attachments or you can embed your article into the e-mail. Send all information to editor@excitingread.com. We ask that you only submit articles that have not previously run in our territory.


We generally pay $60 for locally-slanted, assigned one-page story of 700-800 words, $80-$120 for 1,200 word or more features. Our fees for reprints are between $25-$35 depending on the word count. Any unsolicited, non-locally-slanted feature is treated as a reprint and payment will be made based on the word count mentioned above. Writers are paid within 7-10 days of publication of their article, which is generally the last week of each month (though some months vary). Two copies of the magazine will be sent with payment.


Publication Rights
We purchase first-time rights for assigned features or other assigned articles, which includes online rights for local articles to be posted on hvparent.com or hvlife.com. For reprints, we purchase one-time rights. If you do not wish to have your articles posted on our websites, please notify our editor.


Advice to New Writers
1. It might be helpful to read a few back issues of our publications to get a feel for our editorial content and style of writing.

2. If you are interested in writing for us, email our editor at editor@excitingread.com.  Include your name, phone number and best time to reach you. Also attach sample writings you have done so our editor can review your style of writing. You should also include topics which you enjoy writing about.

3.  Although most stories are assigned, feel free to submit queries with a few ideas you think might interest our readers. Describe any preliminary research you will complete and list other sources you plan to consult. Sell your story idea to us; tell us why we should publish it. If you don't believe in the topic, (or can't effectively tell us why we should), how can we?

Writing  Submissions
1. We prefer articles with local information using local sources. We rarely run stories on specific organizations or events (e.g., a feature on one art school, one social service agency, etc.) and prefer stories on issues of concern to parents (e.g., art classes for kids, how to become a foster parent, etc.) or the active adult market. In many cases, the editor can assist with finding appropriate contact sources.

2. Please DO NOT use tab settings or other indentation markings to indicate the beginning of a new paragraph in your manuscripts sent via e-mail. DO NOT use more then one space after a period.

3. When possible send digital (jpg) photographs that are applicable to the piece. If you are able to send the photographs electronically, our graphic designers will provide electronic guidelines.

4. Your article should contain at least one sidebar of information related to the article. This may be a list of helpful websites, local groups or places, contact information or information from the article that can stand alone.

5. Include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, social security number and approximate word count at the beginning of your manuscript. A brief one or two line bio at the end of your manuscript to be included as an "author's note" should also be included. We request that all manuscripts be sent via e-mail, thereby eliminating the need to retype the article.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our editor at editor@excitingread.com or call 845-562-3606.

Hudson Valley Parent
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